Ease the Burnout: Chair Flow for ALL


Kate guides you through a gentle flow all from the comfort of your chair. Great option for ALL bodies!   More

  5 out of 5 Star

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Thank you for a calming few minutes. I am new to the site but loving it and ready to recommend to others.
Jena Schulz at 2021-03-02

This a great short practice when you need to loosen up a bit. Great instruction— clear and easy. I like to do this after a cardio session. Leaves me feeling so mellow.
Jenna at 2021-02-19

I just finished this video, my first one on the site. I loved it so much! Thank you! I almost cried during the practice. It was so nice to feel welcome and to know that whatever my best was today, that was enough. I love how the video was suited to where ever you feel you are at this moment on this day in this body and I can't wait to try other videos. What a great way to introduce people to mindfulness and fitness, to welcome them at their level, which will only encourage more exploration. I feel totally relaxed and happy. Thank you!
Sara Harvey at 2021-02-16

First yoga breathing type of practice ever, it was really great, loved your voice and energy, so calmed and centered. The lion’s breath is so good!!! I would have appreciated some instructions about breathing in or out during the movements, but it’s probably my fear of not doing everything right
Lisa Pabion at 2021-02-14

My Mom and I love your teaching style, Kate. And we are very envious of that super cute yoga studio space!
Michelle Sutton at 2021-02-13

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