Dance Your Heart Out: Hip Hop Beats


Get ready to move it, pop it, roll it, and shake it with this super fun, medium/high-intensity hip hop dance session! As always, make sure to listen to your body, let the beat move you,...   More

  5 out of 5 Star

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This was brilliant, my favourite dance routine so far. Fun moves, fast but you can easily adapt the pace on the days your not feeling it.
Lauren Gillman at 2021-03-08

By far my favorite routine thus far. My legs were feeling it for days but it felt great! Sarah has my favorite moves and music. Please give us more
Robyn Saulsbury at 2021-02-27

This was it for me!! I enjoyed my Mommy time!! I'll be back tomorrow!!!! xoxoKL
Kristian at 2021-02-26

Jeanine Hawkins at 2021-02-25

This was another great energetic session with Sarah. It made my thighs burn, but in a good way. Thanks for making me feel fly and hip as I move into my day!
Norlyn at 2021-02-24

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