Dance Crush - Contemporary Boogie 1.2


Dance Crush is an up-beat multi-part series that offers different styles, genres, and textures of dance so that you can explore what feels good for you. This is all about finding your dance love language and to do that you might have to flirt with different ways of moving your body until you find your own dance crush. This is the second class of Contemporary Boogie: an introductory class at a beginning level.

  4.2 out of 5 Star

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I love Heather's energy, and the smooth flow of this class. I definitely sweat!
Tracey Jayne Hancock at 2021-03-17

Sade Ojelade at 2021-03-14

Heather, I just wanted to say thank you for these videos. They are fun and it's "dance" and movement I feel I can safely do at home. Thanks for all the work, preparation and time you invest in making these videos. This girl needed it and sooooooo appreciates you!
Shannan at 2021-01-08

C. Campbell at 2021-01-06

This was super fun! I'll definitely do it again. And I was so delighted when your cat made a surprise appearance in the background! (Surprise pets are one of my favorite parts of everything being virtual.)
Elizabeth F at 2020-11-23

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