Dance Crush - 90s Groove-along


Dance Crush is an up-beat multi-part series that offers different styles, genres, and textures of dance so that you can explore what feels good for you. This is a low-impact cardio dance groove-along that takes it back to the 90s with basic foundation hip-hop steps like the Janet, the Snake, the Butterfly, and more.

  4.6 out of 5 Star

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Helen at 2021-04-09

Amy Jacobs at 2021-04-06

Callie Bane at 2021-03-27

Love it
Nikiema Daniels at 2021-03-14

BEST decision of my week! I haven't "worked out" in forever and, while I definitely felt this by way of questions from my body as to what the heck I was doing ( LOL), it was more fun than work out!! Lord knows what I looked like ,but I didn't care because I was having fun! NEEDed this mood booster! Will be back!
Leslie Rose at 2021-03-13

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