Dance Crush #1


Dance Crush is a three part series that ranges from beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Each level will include 8 classes that explore rhythmic movements, flow, and expression in ways that are accessible for the level & progress with each class. You will groove, sweat, and joyfully dance your way into a big crush on yourself.

  2.5 out of 5 Star

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Loved the movement and vibe but the middle bit needs an edit. Thanks!
C Boggs-Chavira at 2021-01-29

I liked most of these movements. This is clearly unedited and unprofessional though. I was looking for a 30 min dance workout and this was a very slow, perhaps 20 min of movement tops.
Jennifer Madsen at 2021-01-11

I really enjoyed Heather's energy and the moves were fun once we got to them but the pace was rather slow. I also completely lost momentum during the middle where there seems to be some technical difficulties or a missed cue with the music.
jillyoo at 2020-11-16

Heather has welcoming energy, but what's going on about midway through this video? Can this be edited out?
Erica Golle at 2020-11-12

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