Chair Yoga Magic Session 4


  5 out of 5 Star

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Anna never ceases to be amazing. Her yoga classes have been so incredibly helpful for me. She has saved me from sui* ideation and from slipping back into severe depression. I'm so grateful for such an affirming and positive guide.
Tonie Spence at 2021-06-21

Completed the entire series throughout the week and it is aptly named MAGIC. The moves were just difficult enough to feel like I was become stronger, but not so difficult to be painful or impossible to achieve. I've never been able to even attempt a downward facing dog, but with the support of the chair and Anna's encouragement I was able to push past my fears. I think I've become a chair yoga convert! Anna's bubbly energy signs through, and I left each class feeling empowered.
Katrina Kunkel at 2021-01-21

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