Chair Sun Flow


This class was created to embrace your body with kindness and compassion. These Restorative yoga classes can be done lying down, seated, or standing. Take your time and do what feels good...   More

  5 out of 5 Star

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Cropped Mesh Leggings

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These are my favorite for lounge movement, they have no compression but are super comfortable and easy!

- Anna

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Geneva Dress

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I love to wear this piece as a long tunic! This can be used for movement or as a cute dress!

- Anna


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This is a wonderful class. It feels so wonderful to have an instructor that looks like me. I feel so calm after doing this. Thank you <3
Kalli Solursh at 2021-05-04

Thank you, Anna! This was the first video I did on Joyn and it was so indescribably freeing to see someone who looked like me, doing things that I wanted to do with my body but felt I couldn't. The permission to let my belly hang was just what I needed to hear. And, as a frequently stressed mother of 3, the rolling of the neck and hip muscles had me feeling incredibly relaxed by the time the video was over. Loved every second of it!
Claudia Saint Jacque at 2021-04-28

Cody Ortiz-Oldham at 2021-04-27

This is my first Joyn video and I burst into tears about halfway through. I have been on a body acceptance journey and Anna helped me remember that I’m allowed to love my body and take up space and feel good.
molly horn at 2021-04-26

I love Anna. She is so supportive and lovely. Reminds me to love me as I am and that I just be. She inspires me to move snd love me at any size. Her voice is mega soothing too.
Gail at 2021-04-23

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