Chair Flow with Tyra


Sometimes you want to flow from a more stable place. This chair flow can lift you up and also help you to wind down. Enjoy the journey

  5 out of 5 Star

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loved this
Jessica Koob at 2021-03-31

lLove it!
Maricela N Foster at 2021-03-06

Great way to start my morning in the office. Love your clear instructions Tyra and positive energy. The yellow paint of your studio is so cheery! I hope joyn will have more seated (chair) videos. Namaste.
Elizabeth Anderson at 2021-02-04

Excellent sequence and so inclusive. I wish joyn would fix the chromecast bug so I could actually play this video all the way through but that’s not this video’s fault. I loved the options for seated tree. I feel like there aren’t enough in-chair hip openers. Thanks Tyra.
Jenna at 2020-12-13

Sherry Massie at 2020-11-24

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