Build Strong and Resilient Knees


Do you have "bad knees"? Consider building progressive load to increase capacity. Discover strength and resiliency in your knees!   More

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I really love the focus that's put on progression here. My muscles are pretty weak right now, and I've noticed that that's put extra strain on my knees. These reps are simple and felt really effective after the first session I just did.
Jane Friday at 2021-04-06

Alexandra Foote Jones at 2021-03-11

Jennifer Teehee at 2021-02-22

Video a little fuzzy but the meat of this workout was 100% there. My knees are a bit worn at 40 and I like how this put the concentration on alignment and progression. I will use this again. I only wish Joyn would list recommended equipment and accoutrement in the sidebar before you start. But perhaps those items could be in Carly's info blurb to the right as well. :)
CJ Burgan at 2021-02-20

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