Bold Beats: Tango Edition


This is a basic level, rhythm-driven dance class with a warm up & cool down included. Combining cardio and fluid movement, this class is a way to forget your worries and DANCE IT OUT! - First 5 minutes include a breakdown of the focus steps. Straight for anyone who has felt slightly out of step with dance before!

  5 out of 5 Star

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This one was so much fun! I really enjoyed it!
Laurie Heath at 2021-03-12

I loved this class! Super fun and easy to learn, and I worked up quite a sweat in only 20 minutes!!
Annie Shanahan at 2021-03-07

Nice low-impact workout. I'm definitely one of those folks that is always challenged with dance step combinations, so I appreciated the five minute review of the combinations beforehand. I liked that this was an exploration of the flamenco style of dance, which is different than the normal cardio dance classes that I've watched/been to. Although Leah was great throughout, I didn't enjoy the first few songs/tunes, but really enjoyed the last two with a more modern hip-hop flair/beat.
Norlyn at 2021-03-05

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