Binge Watch Stretch Break


Somedays a good binge watch is in order, and if you catch yourself feeling stiff after a few episodes, these easy stretches are a good way to get a little movement in if sitting leaves...   More

  4.8 out of 5 Star

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Loving your videos, Lyndsie! Thanks for gently guiding us through these moves! Relaxed and ready to sleep!
Elizabeth Jenkins at 2021-06-12

LuCurisa Hammork at 2021-05-27

used my bed since I dont have a couch lol EXCELLENT stretch...felt everything and I look forward to sleeping great and not stiff lol thank you!
Jasmine Dolcine at 2021-05-17

Sam Savoie at 2021-05-05

Thanks, Lyndsie, this was great! I have sciatica and a desk job, so these stretches help a lot to loosen things up.
Tatiana Falk at 2021-05-01

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