Barre Foundations: Butt & Back


This is the 3rd video in my Intro to Barre series where we explore standing exercises for strong backsides while keeping the lower back loose.    More

  5 out of 5 Star

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A moment of silence... in memory of my butt... because this workout killed it so it could come back from death like the phoenix from the ashes and be.... super strong rump!
Theresa Meire at 2021-06-03

Megan Hollands at 2021-04-04

I have wanted to take a barre calls since they first started opening studios but always told myself I would do it "when I lost some weight" so I wouldnt embarrass myself or worry about being judged by the other people in the class. I love this series and I am SO happy to have found Joyn!
Katie Passerello at 2021-03-26

Love It...Thanks
Sondra Wilson at 2021-03-05

This video kicked my butt! It's great for strengthening and working my arthritic hips! Thank you!
Laurie Heath at 2021-03-03

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