Barre Foundations: Arms & Curl


This is the second video in my Barre introduction series where we will talk about posture, arms & the "barre curl" position for abdominal work.    More

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I love that I can do this sitting in my chair at work!! I had much better posture for the rest of the day and felt nice and stretched out.
Tania Massa at 2021-05-16

Megan Hollands at 2021-04-04

I came here looking for exercises to strengthen the muscles around my elbows and I am delighted by what I found! I'm also excited that the video included a different format for the ITYW exercises I learned in PT for bust-caused back pain several years ago! These exercises are also something I can easily do at my desk between tasks.
Logan Bauer at 2021-03-07

Great workout. Thanks Kris.....
Sondra Wilson at 2021-03-05

This was way more of a work out than i thought and so much more approachable in this format than in a barre studio. Thank you Kris! More Barre please :)
Stina at 2021-03-03

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