At Your Desk 2


You deserve some time to move your body, even if you're stuck at your desk! This class is centered around shoulders and hips. Let's take a break and enjoy this seated movement class together.

  4.6 out of 5 Star

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Really liked this. Felt much more in my body afterwards.
LynAnne Smucker at 2021-05-08

This was fantastic! Going to start doing these in the afternoon each day!
Melissa P Bougie at 2021-05-04

Fabulous, thanks so much for another great movement session!
Heather Andrew at 2021-04-19

Maura Bonini at 2021-04-13

Fantastic stretches! I keep a yoga strap at work so it is good to have a session where I can use it. I would love to see a series of At Your Desk... Thanks Jessica!
Elizabeth Anderson at 2021-03-11

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