15 Minute Pilates

  4.6 out of 5 Star

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Loved it. The 15 minutes gave me a great workout.
Samantha Williams at 2020-11-24

I feel relaxed! The movements are challenging enough where I felt it in my arms yet I feel loose. I feel like I\'ve accomplished something for myself! I appreciate the various options that cater to a wide range of abilities!!!!
Danielle Palmer at 2020-11-21

This was my first Pilates class. I definitely felt it in my arms! I also really liked the total body workout at the end.
Anastasia Gonzalez at 2020-11-10

I enjoyed this work out a lot! I have never done pilates and so my one star comes from simply wishing Tyra would show more from the side looks. She did it once at the end which was really helpful. I think I personally might of seen better if she wasn't wearing all black? But! It was a perfect morning work out, quick, impactful and I feel energies to start my day. Thanks Tyra!
Alexandra at 2020-11-09

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