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Chair Yoga Magic Session 2


Chair Yoga Magic : Take that space! Today we are twisting, bending, extending, and taking space. Finding ways to get into new pockets of sensation in the body. Supporting the spine as we practice restorative backhanding. And releasing stagnated energy through spinal twists.

  5 out of 5 Star

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I am SO HAPPY that I found you. I have needed chair yoga that was possible for MY body for a very long time You remind me to take up all the space, to try out and see what works for me today, and all without having to figure out how to lift my whole body up with my wrists, arms and shoulders the whole time. PS, I didnt realize how much my lower back had to support me all the time until today.
Melanie Boswell at 2021-03-21

You are just the best and most encouraging. Loving this series. I have severe bone on bone osteoarthritis and it is so nice to have a yoga practice I don't need to modify.
Jessica Koob at 2021-03-02

Loving this chair yoga session so far... I definitely moved a bit slower into the twists to protect my back. I like Anna's positive energy in the morning (great leggings!)
Elizabeth Anderson at 2021-02-26

All I can say is Thank You so much! Mindful, peaceful yet invigorating. Work at your level. It was great!
Sara Harvey at 2021-02-24

I always love Anna’s videos! Really enjoyed learning how to do some deep side stretches and forward bending squats from a chair position.
Samantha Williams at 2020-11-21