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Chair Yoga Magic Session 1


Today we are getting comfy on the chair! Finding our flow, working some core stabilization, body rolling, breath work, and restorative tools for releasing the fascia!!

  4.9 out of 5 Star

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Just watching this give me hope I can do yoga. I love it.
Loretta Hooks at 2021-07-09

So invigorating and kind to the body!
Helen at 2021-05-23

What a lovely instructor you are Anna! For so long I believed that as a wheelchair user I couldn’t do much in the way of movement or yoga but these guided sessions are great! Thank you for letting me believe in myself!
Jessica Willis at 2021-05-21

Such a lovely practice that gave me many good ideas. Also Anna I love your sense of humor.
Michelle Sutton at 2021-05-18

I am so thankful for Anna! Between Joyn/Instagram/Where You Belong Podcast, she has really been a shiny light for me on my journey towards self love. Both Anna and Aubrey Gordon (Your Fat Friend/Author of What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat/Maintenance Phase podcast) have become two of my favorite people on the planet- even though I have never met either!! This class today was fantastic and I am so appreciative to Anna for shining her light! Thank you, Anna!!!
Sarah at 2021-05-12