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Body Connection Gentle Flow


This practice will help you reconnect with your body from a loving and nurturing perspective. Exploring the heart, the hips and the comforting sensation of gentle touch.

  5 out of 5 Star

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Noelle E Clark at 2021-07-05

Just beautiful
CC at 2021-06-28

This is one of my favorite classes I’ve taken on Joyn so far! It just made my body feel GOOD!
Melissa P Bougie at 2021-04-19

During this class, I literally for the first time in 27 years had the idea that movement could be just a nice thing to do to get in touch with your body and not something that had to be done. I've never interacted with my body that way. It was really beautiful and healing. Thank you.
Zoe Sullivan at 2021-03-01

Perfect cuing. The class flowed so smoothly and gently, and was so soothing. I've really been resisting doing yoga lately because I did NOT want to get in touch with my body, and this class was the perfect way to ease into that mind-body connection. Thank you, Jessica!
Nicole Morgan at 2021-02-14