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Back Bends


This class was created to embrace your body with kindness and compassion. These Restorative yoga classes can be done lying down, seated, or standing. Take your time and do what feels good for you - there is no wrong way to participate!

  4.8 out of 5 Star

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isnelys at 2021-07-07

Caitlin at 2021-04-11

I had a tough workout day with cardio and weights. So, this was perfect! As a parent, heads up on this one (due to language) if you have your kids with you! But, I, honestly, burst out laughing when Anna said it because I have been there with that momentary brain fog!
Sarah at 2021-04-08

Melanie B Long at 2021-04-02

This was such a lovely practice to do in a short amount of time, really relaxing and my back feels wonderful. Anna is so calming.
Lauren Gillman at 2021-01-16