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45 Min Tai Chi


Tai Chi is meditation in motion. This video is a 45 minute set of guided movements that creates a sense of tranquility and balance in the body and mind ending with accumulation of power through gentle breath work. The exercises can be done in standing or seated posture.

  5 out of 5 Star

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I loved this, thank you so much! I've been struggling to find a gentle but still effective practice and this was the perfect amount of work/relaxation for me. Looking forward to more sessions!
Liz Wright at 2021-07-26

Love your practice Collette, thank you! I had some difficulty seeing the positions with the black pants/black couch combo, but overall this was a great session! I look forward to your other sessions.
Allie Bauer at 2021-07-21

This session is outstanding, thank you so much for bringing a tai chi practice to Joyn, Collette!
Ruth M at 2021-06-08

Powerful practice. Thank you.
Liza M at 2021-02-15

Amazing. She’s right that the moves feel simple but the effect on my body and mind are profound. Surprising and worthwhile.
Briana L Harris at 2021-02-06