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10 Min Dance Cardio Warm-Up


This class will leave you feeling warm and fully prepared for whatever your day holds. Use this class as a companion to any Cardio, Dance. or Strength class on Joyn. Just ten minutes for a thorough and fun warm-up!

  5 out of 5 Star

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im finally beginning to put together a workout routine for myself because, well, i'm tired of my joints aching from under-using them. i'm tired of being so physically low and tired all of the time. i'm tired of my arm aching because i raise it one time, you know?? this class makes it all feel that much more possible and attainable. this class makes me excited to continue working out, to continue finding what works for my body. thank you so so much! i look forward to the day where i can do this class all the way through with no breaks!!
Damian Petre at 2021-07-25