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10 Min Cardio & Strength Workout


HIIT inspired workout. Low-impact high-intensity movements that can be adjusted to any level. If you need something that's fast, fierce and fun - this is it!

  4.9 out of 5 Star

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Ashleigh at 2021-08-12

I really did not want to work out today. But once I finished this one with Kanoa, she gave me enough energy to do it a second time! She is awesome!!!
Chiemsee Reed at 2021-08-01

When Kanoa said "man, get mad at somebody".... I felt that! So fun! Thank you!
Hannah Ervin at 2021-07-27

Kanoa is an amazing, encouraging instructor, and I loved this quick, solid burn!
Meagan Husband at 2021-07-24

Regina at 2021-07-15